Announcing Delegatid


Tonight we’re announcing Delegatid — a tool to simplify OpenID delegation.

It’s based on work I’ve been doing to enable OpenID delegation at quiltid and demonstrates how to derive the OpenID provider URL and local identifier without asking the user to provide them. If at this point you’re asking, “what’s a provider URL and local identifier?”, Delegatid is for you.

We’re hoping that this will encourage more people to set up OpenID on their blogs and other sites. We made it simple: just enter an existing OpenID and you’ll get back the code necessary to create another OpenID from any URL you control. Here’s an example.

And one more thing…

Since end-users aren’t the only ones we want working with OpenID, we’re also releasing the source code for Delegatid under the BSD license. It’s written in Python using the Django Web framework and requires Python OpenID 2.x.x and Pygments.


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  1. Ceaboramumb Says:

    Very nice!!

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