Hello world (from quiltid)!


Welcome to quiltid (we like to pronounce it kwil-ted, but it is up to you)!

We’re a new web site, so I thought some introductions would be in order. Thanks for your interest. Our tagline is “…a simple way for you to track and tell others where (and who) you are on the web…” We think this is pretty descriptive of what we do, and we’re anxious to earn your trust and respect.

When you’re ready, go to our site and sign in using OpenID. We help you through it – it is really simple. After you get signed in, start claiming other URL’s and watch your quilt grow. Watch out, though, because once you’ve been quiltid, you may experience an overwhelming (and perhaps unwise) urge to go out and sign up for a bunch of sites just to watch your quilt grow. 😉 Go ahead if it makes you feel good, but doing this is simply the “where” part of our tagline. That’s not necessarily the point of all this, though. We like to think that the more important part of the process is to pay attention to the “who” part of the tagline. We call our process “claiming” URL’s for a couple of reasons. The first is that it is an industry standard term. The second and more important reason is that you are telling the world that the claimed URL contains something that is about you, by you, controlled by you, or… We strongly recommend that one of the things you use your quilt for is a quick tracking system for your web presence. Browse your quilt occasionally, maintain the claimed URL’s, and make it a representation of your identity on the web – something that you are proud of and that says the things about you that you want to have said.

We are using getsatisfaction.com/quiltid as our support forum. If you have questions about how to do something, have trouble with the site or a feature, or just want to discuss something with us, please go to this site and ask away. We’re watching over this site pretty carefully, so you should get an answer fairly quickly.Once you’ve got your identity to the point where you are ready to share it via your quilt, you can share it in a wide variety of ways. The simplest is to provide a link – <you>.quiltid.com – to your quilt on our site. We’re also working on widgets that you can use to display your quilt on your own pages. We have a few done and we talk about them on our page. When we get more done, we’ll make those available as well. You can also create your own widgets to display your quilt any way you want (and can) on your sites. This is a rather deep topic, so we’ll be talking a lot more about it here and on Get Satisfaction.

Please keep in mind that:

  • Our service is free
  • Our service is open and if you decide to leave you can take your information with you
  • You are not currently entering any information on our site that you intend to be private information
  • We are setting out to make fun and useful tools for you
  • We’re just getting starting with quiltid, and we hope you will too!!!!

All the best to you and happy quilting!

Steve Watts, President

Watts Lab, Inc.


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